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Cloud 9 Catering Aviation Services

At Cloud 9 Catering, every day is a new opportunity to raise our standards of freshness, flavor & culinary craft. We innovate relentlessly while searching for the finest food purveyors. We stay abreast of emerging trends & specialty diets. We have mastered cutting-edge techniques, like sous-vide & molecular gastronomy. Our efforts to raise service to new levels of refinement are just as focused. We provide insights & fresh ideas for creating just the right menu, including Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher & Halal selections. Our world-class chefs can prepare any type cuisine as well as gratify any culinary fancy. 

Please inquire about our numerous catering options designed for your crew. Our customer service specialists stand ready with options to soften the rigors of flying: floral arrangements, newspapers, magazines, linen service or any other provisions your passengers may desire. 

Our menu is simply a guide designed to spark ideas & provide suggestions. Ergo, we are capable of meeting virtually any request you may think of, including de catering your aircraft. So please, for your next flight, contact Cloud 9 Catering. We strive for excellence in all arenas; thus through our attention to detail, level of service & exquisite culinary creations we aim to send the world’s most discerning clients to Cloud 9.

Meet The Chef

Chef Christopher Hajji views food as much more than just a job. For him, it is an obsession and an art form that deserves passion and complete dedication. With 40 years of experience, he learned to translate his fervor for execution into a beautiful masterpiece that combines culinary food, superior attentive service, hospitality and flawless event execution.

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